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Having gone through the difficulties of owning a car in our start up years ourselves, an idea to provide viable bespoke solutions to Drivers was born; lease to own program.

The Lease To Own Program, is an initiative targeting Online Taxi Drivers. Bk Autos Ltd partners with them and helps them own a Car.  The Lease To Own program offers flexible bespoke payment terms to Online Taxi Drivers making them owners without the stringent rules set by Banks and other Financial Institutions.

A driver opting for this program, is only required to deposit a minimum of 15% the value of the car to show commitment. Thereafter, through a binding contract for both parties, a weekly payment schedule is customized for the Driver.

With a maximum payment period of 36 months, this program is by far unparalleled. Ownership is transferred after the last installment is paid.


The perks that come with the Lease To Own program are exceptional. The Car comes fully kitted with :


The perks that come with the Lease To Own program are exceptional. The Car comes fully kitted with :

Having gotten a fulfilling response from the market, we are looking to bring more Drivers onboard.


We have extended our services to cater for Bank Financed clients.


In addition, we Import Cars on your behalf. Not only is it cost effective, but also gives you peace of mind since we get you the best bargains and for a 2.5% total of value of the car fee, we handle all the processes for you.

General Terms

Lease To Own - The Process

  1. Client contacts us and expresses interest.
  2. Discussion between client and BK Autos.
  3. Submit The required documents.
  1. BK Autos lawyer prepares the contract.
  2. Client reviews the contract.
  3. The client and BK Autos sign the contract.
  4. Client pays the agreed deposit amount.
  1. Client takes the vehicle and uploads it to all his preferred online platforms.
  2. Client Starts remitting weekly payments.
  3. Periodic inspection/engagements.
  1. BK Autos sources for the required vehicle.
  2. Client views the vehicle and test drives to their satisfaction.
  1. BK Autos prepares and equips the vehicle with all the agreed kits, gadgets and insurance. (process takes two days)
  1. BK Autos initiatates transfer of vehicle to client after full payment.

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