Mid Year Review
Mid Year Review

Mid Year Review

June 30, 2019

Today is 30th June .It may not mean much to most of us but it marks the middle of the year! Yeah I know what you are thinking; half the year is already gone! Have I achieved even half of what I had set out to do at the beginning of the year? What about the New Year resolutions? Do you still remember them? Most of us set new resolutions at the beginning of the year but forget about them as soon as the New Year fever is over.

It’s good to review our plans and resolutions periodically that is the only way you will experience growth in your life.Mid-year is a good time to review the plans and the resolutions and make adjustments as need be to ensure you are still on target by the end of the year. Year end is a good time to analyze how the whole year has been, what were you able to achieve from your resolution list? What didn’t you achieve and why? What can you do better next year? This will set a good starting point for you to start all over again the following year.

But I know what you are thinking, Covid-19 came and all the plans went down the drain. Well I admit that happened to a lot of us.But we should shake ourselves out of it and realize the disease will be here with us for a while.Thats why it’s a good time to re look at the plans we had at the beginning of the year and review things in view of how the virus has affected you. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

  • Make few and realistic plans or resolutions

I know you are ambitious and want to achieve many things. It may not be practical though for you to marry, buy a car, buy a plot/house and start a business all at the same time. Prioritize what is urgent and important for you and pick one or two items that are practical for you to achieve within a year. Once you achieve this, the winning feeling will make it easier for you to sail through with the other goals.

  • Have an accountability partner/party

Yes I know we are adults and we don’t want to be reminded every now and then that we said we will do this and that. It is for your own good if you have people close to you and who care about you to gently nudge you towards achieving your goals. It will sound annoying but you are the one going to be the happiest person when you have achieved that goal. Work with like-minded people who know you well and are growth oriented too.

  • Set up a reminders

I read a book recently, part of my resolution is to read one book per month. The book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The book talks about autocues and sending information into your subconscious mind. The author actually recommends reciting your goals every morning and night .Maybe this might be too much for most of us but when you commit your goals to your subconscious mind then  you will find that it largely influences your daily decision to align to your goals. A practical way for me is to set up a major goal am pursuing as an alarm on my phone. Every morning it will be a gentle reminder that I have a goal to achieve. Even the mornings you don’t feel like waking up the phone reminder will give you a reason to smile at your looming laziness and get up to chase your goal.

  • Have periodic reviews of your goals.

Yes we have already talked about this, for new year resolution,mid-year is a good time to review and adjust and end of year makes for a good to time to have an overall look at the year .Inasmuch as there is very little you can do at that point, it is a good time to be honest with yourself ,learn from your mistakes and work smarter the following year.

Remember these strategies can be applied at both personal and family level. They can also be applied to businesses. I am wishing you all the best as your review your goals this mid-year day!

The author is the Managing Director at BK AUTOS Limited.

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