Suzuki Alto is a popular and iconic compact car that has been in production since 1979. Developed by the Japanese automaker Suzuki, the Alto has gained a reputation for its affordability, fuel efficiency, and compact size, making it a popular choice for urban commuters and first-time car buyers around the world.


In its history, Alto has evolved through several generations and currently in its ninth generation (also called Mazda Carol) has an engine capacity of 660cc. Did you know that in its seventh generation it sold internationally with an engine capacity of 1000cc?

Body and Chassis

In terms of body, it is a hatchback featuring five doors build upon HEARTECT platform (chassis). It can come with all powered windows, front powered windows, all manual windows or front manual windows with fixed rear windows. However, online taxi drivers in Kenya prefer the all-powered windows.


When it comes to transmission, Alto provides for manual, automated manual, and auto (CVT) transmission. However, in the ninth generation, it is only available in CVT which was the first generation to have no manual transmission.

Engine Capacity/Fuel Consumption

Suzuki Alto’s bonnet(hood) houses a 660cc three-cylinder engine. Alto is said to offer 37km/l (fuel consumption). This is contributed by its design using Suzuki Green Technology.


What does ENE-Charge in Alto mean? This is simply a hybrid system. It features a small petrol engine mated to an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery pack. Power is generated through regenerative braking and the power helps to run electrical equipment of the car.

Price in Kenya

In Kenya, it has gained popularity in the online taxi business like the uber chap chap. The current market price for Suzuki Alto is Kshs. 850,000.

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